3 Kings Crab Traps & Supplies

Crab with the best!



#8 Sink Rope 1,000' Spool

#10 Sink Rope 1,000' Spool

Call for Polly rope size  info.


6" Styrafoam Float

7" Styrafoam Float

Iron Rebar:

3/8" Frame 3lbs.

1/2" Frame 5lbs.

5/8" Frame 7lbs.

Zinc bar

Zinc Anode Preservative bar


Wood panel, Peg or jute twine


Royal White Boots 



Stainless Steel Crab Tongs 



Hogrings, Pliers, zip ties, crab tongs, hooks

, bungee chord, Wood pegs ( round and square) and jute twine.    




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