3 Kings Crab Traps & Supplies

Crab with the best!

Crab Traps

We use only with highest quality wire, made in the USA, Keystone (galvanized), River-dale/Aqua mesh and C.E. Shepard (vinyl).

Colors: Black, green, lime green, orange, blue, yellow and white.

Commercial Crab Pots:

Oak hill style:

23" large Crab trap 4 funnel and baffle

                                                                                                  21" medium Crab trap 4 funnel and baffle

19" standard Crab trap 4 funnel and baffle    * Most popular*


Quik dump style:   "shallow water crabbing"

17" Crab trap half baffle 3 funnel

15" Crab trap half baffle 3 funnel

Commercial / Recreational Crab Trap

Low Boy Crab trap 2 or 3 funnel



* All traps come with a Bait well, bait well cover & bungee, Handle hook latch on bungee chord and 3 escape rings for smaller crabs.

*All traps made with 1.5" hex mesh wire, bait well 1/2"x1" rectangle wire, bait well door 1"x1"  Square wire.

->Bait well standard size 12"round and 11" high.

                                                    We can custom make any trap to fit your needs!



                      **Please call 352-685-2595 for Pricing and availability**